Dumpling Mama

Tel: 445.244.8777

Yardley Farmer’s Market May 20th and every other Saturday after through November

9am – 12pm

My daughter Nari was born with many severe food allergies including gluten, dairy, beef, pork and nuts. Over 18 years ago, Nari’s allergies are the reason why I pushed myself into an entirely new direction with my cooking. I grew up with various allergies of my own so I understand the challenges of trying to find comfort foods minus the allergens. Nari is now away at college on the other side of the country. She has been eating my dumplings and my other cooking her entire life. She is and will always be my original dumpling.

I will always try to accommodate all dietary requests you send in, so don’t be shy about asking for customization. You deserve it! Feel free to write me or to preorder for pickup at bucksdumplingmama@gmail.com I’m here making dumplings and other dishes for you that are delicious, safe and fun!



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